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brush teeth twice a day, both babies and toddlers

Did you know that the right toothbrush can make the world even better?

You might wonder, “how can a simple bamboo toothbrush make the world even better?”

We promise we’ll get to that soon. Yet first, we just have to say; you’ll find it quite amazing how the smallest of changes (like switching to bamboo) can make such a tremendous difference.

In fact, the benefits of using a bamboo toothbrush don’t even end at simply making the world a better place. Brushing your baby's teeth will quickly become a safe and enjoyable nightly routine with the right bamboo toothbrush.

However, to enjoy all of these benefits, you need to pick the right bamboo toothbrush.

How do you do that?

Here’s what you need to consider:

  • What distinguishes the right baby's bamboo toothbrush from the rest?
  • How do you safely clean your baby's teeth with the right choice?

We’re going to explore both of these questions, but the right bamboo toothbrush is our Baby Bamboo Toothbrush, to cut a long story short.

Here’s what Ashley S said about it:

“Both my 4 year old and I have been using bamboo toothbrushes for a couple years now but when my 2nd was ready to learn how to brush I had a hard time finding a baby brush. The kids one was just too big for their mouth. So happy to find this company and their wonderful brushes”

Here are 3 more reasons why our baby bamboo toothbrush stands out from the rest and is the right choice for your children.

Reason 1: Baby Bamboo Toothbrushes Are More Eco-Friendly

Bamboo is 100% biodegradable — meaning you won’t be polluting the world with plastic waste every time you have to get your baby a new toothbrush (which you should do every three months!).

Not only that, but bamboo is one of the world's fastest-growing plants. In fact, bamboo can grow half an inch in just an hour! And since bamboo is a renewable source — it can keep doing this until the very end of time.

In other words, bamboo is the gift that keeps giving. It’s biodegradable which contributes to having an impactful zero waste bathroom.

Yet, it’s not just efficiency that makes us love bamboo so much. As said before, bamboo is biodegradable. However, did you know, if something is biodegradable, it helps to save our oceans?

Saving the oceans is something your baby will one day thank you for. You might not think so, but plastic waste in the ocean is a huge problem. In fact, according to Marine plastics, “at least 8 million tons of plastic end up in our oceans every year.”

Unfortunately, that number isn’t getting any smaller. However, your contribution in buying a bamboo toothbrush will help mitigate the amount of waste polluting our oceans.

That’s right: you can make a difference — and we want to help you. That’s why for every purchase, we donate a percentage of the purchase cost to the Marine Conservation Society — a community of ocean lovers fighting to save our sea.

Buy Your Bamboo Toothbrush Today.

Reason 2: Baby Bamboo Toothbrushes Are Easy To Grip

Of course, buying bamboo toothbrushes isn’t all about saving the planet. We want to make your life easier, too. So, our bamboo toothbrushes have an easy-grip design. Take a look:

perfect brush — baby and toddler will be happy

You’ll note a slight curve in the handle. We didn’t include that curve just so the toothbrushes look good (but they do look great, don’t they?!).

In fact, we included the curve as part of our easy-grip design. Ultimately, it’s so your little ones don’t drop their toothbrush while brushing, especially as they grow into toddlers.

While that’s one aspect we’re proud of, did you know it’s not all we’re proud of with these bamboo toothbrushes?

Take a look at the full breakdown:

brush — baby will get healthy gums by using twice a day

Indeed, the easy-grip design alone means your child won’t be dropping their toothbrush easily. However, coupled with a water based-toxin free paint and individual colours means if you’re a growing family, you’ll never get your baby's toothbrush mixed up.

However, the BPA Free Soft Bristles is one of the most critical aspects we’re proud of, especially when brushing your baby’s teeth. Let’s talk about that next.

Reason 3: Baby Bamboo Toothbrushes Are BPA Free

We’re going to get a bit scientific here. BPA is an organic compound called Bisphenol-A that can sometimes be found in toothbrush bristles.

Why is Bisphenol-A something you don’t want in your bristles?

Let’s ask Mayo Clinic:

“BPA is a concern because of the possible health effects on the brain and prostate gland of fetuses, infants and children. It can also affect children's behavior. Additional research suggests a possible link between BPA and increased blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

At Wild & Stone, we don’t just want the best for the planet; we want the best life for your child too. We go through every effort to make sure the bristles on our toothbrushes are BPA free — and we also ensure they’re extra soft.

Here’s a secret: soft bristles are still rigid enough to get in between your baby's teeth and remove anything nasty that might have built up.

Yet, at the same time, because they’re so soft, there’s little risk they’ll damage your baby's gums or enamel.

That’s one of the many reasons Samantha P choose our toothbrush:

“My 16 month old loves his new brush and holder to accompany it. Makes holding and brushing as a family easy and the pack contains enough brushes to see us through a good few months (kids tend to chew the bristles a lot at this age). Love the various colours and the packaging.”

Wait, did Samantha mention a toothbrush holder?! Let’s take a look.

The Perfect Toothbrush Holder

babies and toddlers will love tooth brushing with these brushes

The bamboo toothbrush holder is the ideal stand to accompany your bamboo toothbrush. It doesn’t just look good, but it also has a wonderful design and removes clutter from your bathroom.

Here’s are some more benefits of the bamboo toothbrush holder:

  • It’s great for storing your little one’s toothbrush.
  • It helps their toothbrush dry more quickly.
  • It keeps their toothbrush clean.

Isn’t that wonderful? There’s even a small hole at the base to keep your baby's entire toothbrush well-ventilated.

Here’s what TJ said:

“Does what you'd want it to do. Doesn't take up much space. It's cute and sturdy. Perfect.”

Get Your Holder Today.

So now we’ve covered the benefits of choosing the right bamboo toothbrush, and you know what to look out for when choosing between the right and wrong one; let’s take a look at how to safely brush your baby's teeth in 3 simple steps.

A Quick 101: How to Safely Brush Your Babies Teeth

  1. Make sure your baby is sittig somewhere comfortable.
  2. Hold the toothbrush at approximately 45 degrees. Make sure the bristles are pointing slightly above your babies teeth (around where they meet the gums).
  3. Brush the baby's teeth in a gentle circular motion. Do not scrub. Be as gentle as possible.

Important: If your baby’s teeth haven’t grown yet, you shouldn’t use toothpaste.

Did you know? If you haven’t picked up one of our bamboo toothbrushes yet, you can also use your finger (but wrap it in a damp washcloth first).

Save the Planet and Buy the Ultimate Baby Toothbrush Today

tooth brushing can be fun for your little one

Our bamboo toothbrushes come in a variety of different colours so that you can pick the perfect match for your child. We also have toothbrushes with extra soft bristles and a selection for adults too.

Don’t worry about taking bamboo from pandas, either. Our toothbrushes are made from sustainably Harvested FSC Certified MOSO Bamboo. This is special bamboo that pandas do not eat.

Shop our oral care collection today.

Send us your pictures of your baby’s new Wild & Stone toothbrush to or tag us on Instagram #wildandstone.

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