December 02, 2021 6 min read

Bamboo plates for babies are good to add to your home tableware collection for more reasons than one.

First, they can keep food magically off the floor (in the world of hard facts, it’s down to their awesome suction base design).

Next, they come with a child-friendly design, which is also a factor when you shop for baby tableware.

You want your little one engaged in the feeding process, so it all goes smooth and easy.

With bamboo plate sets, it does.

Finally, they're plastic-free, meaning less plastic is being sent to landfills each year.

Plastic pollution is a massive environmental problem—but starting with something as small as a plastic-free baby plate (or zero waste bathroom swaps) is a great way to start.

Wild & Stone is your first stop for buying earth-friendly home products that look and feel good. Today, we zero in on bamboo tableware, answering questions you may have unanswered.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect.

  • Are bamboo plates safe for babies?
  • Are bamboo plates better than plastic?
  • How long do bamboo plates last?
  • Where do you order quality bamboo plates online?

Why Use Bamboo Plates for Babies?

Bamboo Suction Plates Make Feeding Much Easier

There are many baby-friendly weaning methods you’re free to choose from, but what about parent-friendly weaning?

Well, bamboo suction plates are the first to usher in the concept. Naturally, the first thing on your mind is to introduce your baby to nutritious and healthy foods.

But that’s when—any parent would know—chaos ensues.

It’s when all that mushy matter ends up on the highchair tray, the carpet, and the rest of the furniture.

A bamboo suction plate mitigates this inconvenience.

  • The silicone suction base holds well to any flat smooth surface, avoiding spillage and resulting in less cleaning needed.
  • Your baby is free to grip the plate edges and self-feed as the plate holds in place.
  • You can choose your favourite silicone base colour (and remove it from the plate when your child develops fine motor skills).

Bamboo Is the Plastic-Free Alternative, And It’s Safe for Your Baby

Firstly, bamboo is an excellent alternative to single-use plastics, which are wreaking havoc on our planet. Plastic is damaging to the environment throughout its entire lifecycle—extraction of raw materials, manufacturing, and disposal included.

On the flip side, bamboo is sustainable, and it doesn’t require pesticides for production. While end-of-life plastic contaminates our air and waterways, end-of-life bamboo naturally biodegrades—producing zero greenhouse emissions.

By choosing plastic-free bamboo plates, you’re contributing to a healthier planet.

Secondly, a bamboo plate is safer than its plastic counterpart. A growing body of research indicates that plastic tableware and packaging can leach into food items, having negative effects on human health.

Below is an overview of chemicals found in plastic alongside the adverse health effects they cause.

Adverse Effects of Chemicals Contained in Plastic


It’s used to harden plastics and generate polycarbonates.

It’s a chemical commonly found in food packaging, beverage containers, and even toys.

It’s known to cause endocrine disorders, precocious puberty, and some types of cancers.

PFAS (Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances)

They’re compounds used to prevent sticking on products like disposable plates and non-stick cookware.

Studies (although limited) point out PFAS can affect infant birth weights, disrupt thyroid function, and affect the immune system.


They’re used to make hard plastics softer and more flexible.

They’re a common ingredient in cosmetics and personal care items.

Some animal studies find phthalates can have harmful effects on male reproductive health during fetal development.

Bamboo is a safe alternative to single-use plastics as they don’t contain the same chemicals used in plastic production.

Pro tip: Not all bamboo bowls are created equal, so you want to double-check if a bamboo product is melamine-free. Some manufacturers will use it to colour the product.

They’re More Durable, And They’re Virtually Unbreakable

Child-rearing costs quickly add up, so durability also factors in when you’re looking to order a new set of baby tableware.

Aside from the good feeling you get when knowing you’re making a better choice for the planet, the money factor and the child safety factors count big time.

Bamboo is softer than steel, but it can hold up to rough play, and unlike glass, it doesn't break easily. This gives bamboo bowls the edge over other materials, leaving you with a plethora of benefits to enjoy with your little one:

  • Durability: it will last you longer, saving your hard-earned cash.
  • Safety: it’s less hazardous to use around children
  • Portability: its lightweight material lends it to a variety of home and outdoor uses.

How Long Do Bamboo Plates Last?

Bamboo dishes have a limited lifespan as they eventually get damaged by moisture. However, you can expect them to last up to 2 years. A bamboo plate will last you longer if you religiously hand-wash and dry it.

They’re Easy to Clean

Bamboo is a breeze to clean—wash the bowl in warm soapy water, rinse, and dry with a clean cloth.

No boiling, steaming, or sterilising is needed. Although some plates can be dishwasher-safe, long exposure to hot water doesn't do them a favour. In other words, the more water exposure, the sooner your tableware will swell, split, and crack.

To protect your product in the long haul, use plain old handwashing. Also, to extend the lifespan of your favourite healthy baby plates, you can apply oil to them.

Use a paper towel and apply a layer of coconut, almond, or walnut oil over your bamboo plate.

Where Can I Buy Bamboo Plates?

If you want to order a set of new bamboo bowls, Wild & Stone is a reliable online store offering handpicked sustainable products for earth-conscious people.

There’s a handful of healthy bamboo items you can order from our site, including those designed for the youngest ones (and expect fast delivery too).

Baby Bamboo Weaning Bowl and Spoon Set - You Are My Sunshine

When looking to swap plastic baby plates for a healthier, safe, plastic-free alternative, your top concern is to filter reliable from unreliable second-rate products. Settling for cheap alternatives is a poor trade-off as they won’t last as long, and worse, they may not be chemical-free.

That’s where Wild & Stone comes in. Our You Are My Sunshine Baby Weaning Bowl and Spoon Set is the best way to go green and it ticks all the boxes in terms of the criteria above.

This is why you should choose this product as your baby’s first feeding utensil. It’s:

  1. Highly practical to use. The strong suction cup mechanism makes the plate stick firmly to the surface. Meaning your chances for putting things in order are highly improved.
  2. Child-friendly. Putting a serving of their favourite food into a gorgeous-looking bowl with the sun’s smiling face vs the traditional bowl? It’s clear which one has higher chances to make your baby engaged.
    You can choose your favourite colour as the plates come in different colour sets. Spoons available in yellow, pink, and blue colour will add fun to feeding time.
  3. Safe for babies. Our sets are ethically made, food-safe certified, and free of chemicals. They’re made of natural organic and FSC Certified Moso Bamboo and toxic-free, BPA Free Silicone.
  4. Made of renewable, natural, and durable Moso bamboo. Moso bamboo is known for its incredible strength and durability, meaning it will last you longer, will help you reduce waste, and go easy on the planet.
  5. Easy to clean. Applying some soap and water, rinsing, and cloth drying—that’s all there is to it.

Not to toot our own horn, below are some thoughts coming from a verified buyer.

Interested in more bamboo baby products? Below are some great earth-friendly items to throw into your basket.

Baby Bamboo Weaning Suction Section Plate - Over The Rainbow

Baby Bamboo Weaning Spoons - Set of 3 - Pink, Green & Yellow

Ready to Go Green With Plates and Bowls?

When looking for baby products, safety is non-negotiable. Here at Wild & Stone, we keep it our priority to care for our little ones while caring for the planet—feeding our soil only to what’s safe, just like our little ones.

We’ve chosen bamboo as the plant cultivation is pesticide-free, meaning it doesn’t hurt the soil. It also self-regenerates and grows fast, which categorises bamboo into renewable raw materials.

If you’re into buying plastic-free, you’ll find all sorts of useful and stylish products to order on our site. We’re an established, dependable online store you can shop at worry-free.

Since 2017, we have been featured in some of the most acclaimed magazines like Vogue, Natural Health, and Independent. But most importantly, we never compromise on quality.

We offer household products that look and feel great, from different colour plates and bowls to plastic-free toothbrushes and baby spoons coming in different colour sets.

Browse our online shop—we’ll help you add colour to your days and put a smile on somebody’s face while giving our precious world a break.

Send us your pictures of your baby’s new Wild & Stone toothbrush to or tag us on Instagram #wildandstone.

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