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Reusable Straws

Our range of reusable straws eliminates the need for disposable plastic straws, offering a great alternative to traditional plastic which makes its way into our oceans, harming aquatic life. These straws can easily be cleaned with the brush provided or popped in the dishwasher ready for their next use.

4.4 billion plastic straws are thrown away every year in the UK, instead, choose these and support the change you wish to see. Our reusable straws are scratch and rust-resistant so that you can use them again and again to avoid waste.

Whether you’re looking to save the turtles with a stylish multicoloured metal straw set, have some fun with the rose gold cocktail straws, go natural with our selection of bamboo straws, or treat the kids with silicone straws, you’ll find what you need at Wild & Stone.

We love metal drinking straws because unlike glass or plastic straws they don’t break or bend, they don’t include any toxins or BPA, and they work in the home, the office, and on the go.

For children, the elderly, and the disabled we offer a great pack of reusable silicone straws, this selection is also the perfect option for fans of hot drinks as they do not warm up.

All our reusable straws come with a case to keep them in, this natural hessian carry bag is perfect for taking the reusable straws on the go.

What are metal straws made of?

Metal straws are made out of stainless steel, which is a durable material that resists oxidation and corrosion, a perfect material for drinking straws. These food-grade steel straws are made out of 18/8 stainless steel to ensure the straws are FDA approved food safe and will add no metallic aftertaste to your drink.

Why are metal straws good?

Metal straws are great because they can be used time and time again, they are highly durable, and one straw can eliminate the need for hundreds of wasted plastic ones. These reusable straws also retain the temperature of your drink! They are also great for travel as they are strong yet lightweight.

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