March 12, 2024 3 min read

In a world increasingly aware of the environmental impact of consumerism, upcycling has emerged as a creative solution to reduce waste and breathe new life into old items. Upcycling not only helps in minimising landfill waste but also adds a touch of uniqueness to your home decor. Here are five innovative upcycling projects you can try at home using items found around your home.

1. Mason Jar Herb Garden


Turn empty mason jars into a charming little indoor herb garden. Clean out the jars thoroughly and drill a few drainage holes in the bottom. Fill them with soil and plant your favourite herbs such as basil, mint, or rosemary. Arrange the jars on a sunny windowsill and watch your mini garden thrive. Not only does this project repurpose glass jars, but it also provides fresh herbs for cooking, reducing the need for store-bought, plastic-packaged herbs.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Clean the mason jars thoroughly.
  • Drill drainage holes in the bottom of each jar.
  • Fill the jars with potting soil.
  • Plant herb seeds or seedlings.
  • Water regularly and place in a sunny spot.

2. Denim Pocket Organisers

Old denim jeans can be transformed into handy organisers for storing small items like stationery, makeup brushes, or tools. Cut out the pockets from old jeans and stitch them onto a piece of fabric or directly onto a wooden board. Hang the organiser on the wall near your workspace for easy access to your essentials. This project not only repurposes old clothing but also helps in decluttering your space.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Cut-out pockets from old denim jeans.
  • Arrange and stitch them onto a piece of fabric or directly onto a board.
  • Hang the organiser on the wall using nails or adhesive hooks.
  • Fill the pockets with your desired items.

3. Wine Cork Coasters

If you're a wine drinker, chances are you have a collection of wine corks lying around! Put them to good use by making coasters. Glue the corks together in a square or circular shape and let them dry completely. Once dry, attach a piece of felt to the bottom to prevent scratching your surfaces. These coasters not only protect your table but also add a rustic charm to your home decor.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Arrange wine corks in the desired shape (square or circle).
  • Glue the corks together using a strong adhesive.
  • Let the glue dry completely.
  • Attach a piece of felt to the bottom of the coaster.

4. Tin Can Planters

Empty tin cans can be upcycled into stylish planters for indoor or outdoor use. Remove any labels and clean the cans thoroughly. Paint them in your favourite colours or decorate them with coloured tape or fabric. Fill the cans with soil and plant small herbs, flowers, or succulents. These planters are not only eco-friendly but also add a pop of colour to your living space!

Step-by-step guide:

  • Clean empty tin cans and remove labels.
  • Paint or decorate the cans as desired.
  • Fill the cans with potting soil.
  • Plant your chosen plants.
  • Water regularly and place in a sunny spot.

5. CD Mosaic Mirror

Give old CDs a new lease on life by creating a stunning mosaic mirror. Carefully break the CDs into small pieces using a hammer or scissors. Arrange the pieces in a mosaic pattern around the frame of a plain mirror, using glue to secure them in place. Once the glue dries, grout the spaces between the CD pieces for a polished finish. This project is a great use of old CDs while adding a touch of sparkle to your home decor.

Step-by-step guide:

  • Break old CDs into small pieces.
  • Arrange the CD pieces around the frame of a mirror.
  • Glue the pieces in place and let dry.
  • Apply grout to fill in the spaces between the CD pieces.
  • Wipe off excess grout and let it dry completely.

Upcycling is not only a fun and creative way to repurpose household items but also contributes to a more sustainable lifestyle. By giving new life to old items, we can reduce waste and minimise our environmental footprint. So why not roll up your sleeves and try one of these innovative upcycling projects today? Your home and the planet will thank you for it.

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