Organic Cotton Blue Crochet Bag

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Wild & Stones chic crochet tote bag is woven out of 100% organic cotton that is super soft yet strong enough to hold all your farmer’s market purchases, expanding to adapt to whatever is placed inside it. This versatile and sustainable tote is perfect for a sunny day at the beach or a trip to the local supermarket to grab your favourite produce and bread. Neatly folding up when not in use makes it a super space saver. The stunning blue colour is dyed to Oeko Tex standards, meaning it is free from hazardous chemicals.

Product Details
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • OEKO TEX Standard
  • Recycled Kraft Tag Packaging
  • Designed in the UK, made at an ethically certified facility in India
Care Instructions
  • Wash at 30 degrees
  • Let air dry
More Info

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Every year in the UK an estimated 17.5 billion plastic bags are given away by supermarkets, this equates to 130,000 tonnes of plastic which is enough to cover an area the size of London twice with a layer of plastic bags! Reduce this waste by swapping to a mesh tote bag, the perfect alternative to the plastic shopping bag.