November 05, 2021 4 min read

There's something magical and exciting about a Christmas stocking. Whether you're a child or young at heart, the perennial stocking is a part of our Christmas experience, a taster for the events and gifts to follow. However, if you're anything like us, you don't want to fill your loved one’s stockings with gifts that are simply bound to end up in landfill - cheap, plastic presents that give a few moments of pleasure but will almost certainly be in the bin soon after Boxing Day.

So, if we do still want, to receive or give, the magical experience of a stocking waiting at the end of the bed or by the fireplace at Christmas, how do we do it plastic-free, vegan and sustainably? This blog has a few ideas for children and adults of eco-friendly or zero waste stocking fillers to help you achieve an enchanting Christmas.

Eco Stocking Fillers For Children

One of the best choices you can make for an eco stocking filler is to reuse rather than buy new. Take a look at your local charity shops. Bear in mind you're trying to ditch plastic, but look out for cuddly toys, dolls, toy cars, small games, jigsaws, books, Christmas jumpers or hats and gloves. You'll be amazed at the pristine condition of many things given to charity shops. Just a word of caution, if you're vegan, check out if the charity is in line with your values before you donate or buy.

Adding in some chocolate is always a good call; look out for chocolate coins wrapped in foil, which can be recycled.

Ecovibe sells ethical and vegan chocolate, like this fun Vegan Christmas Chocolate Toy Box - containing organic, dairy-free chocolate and a cardboard toy to assemble. This chocolate toy box is plastic-free, with biodegradable packaging. Covers all the bases.

Another great stocking filler idea for kids is this Seedball - Butterfly mix from the Plastic Free Shop. This is a mix of five native wildflower species that are great for attracting butterflies. The Seedball comes in a tin manufactured in London, powered with the help of a solar farm on the roof. The tin is also recyclable and reusable; in fact, if you return it to the seller, they will refill it for free. All the compost used is peat-free too. There's a lot of attention to eco details in this product.

The Green Toys Mini Car might look like plastic, but these toys are made from 100% recycled bottles. The product is safe, non-toxic and doesn't contain BPA, PVC or phthalates and is made using food-safe, mineral-based colouring. What's more, it will get sent out to you in entirely recyclable and plastic-free packaging.

Kite clothing makes impressive kids clothes. They are also passionate about protecting the planet. All their clothes are made from either organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles or fabrics approved by OEKO-TEX, an organisation that enables consumers and companies to make responsible decisions that protect the planet. These gorgeous and playful socks are a perfect eco-friendly stocking filler.

Eco Stocking Fillers For Adults

Consider who would appreciate a homemade gift from you - a drawing, something you’ve knitted or crocheted yourself, some home-baked cookies. It's a lovely, personal and plastic-free thing to add to anyone's stocking. Even writing gift cards or tokens, offering babysitting services, extra turns washing up or cleaning the car - these are all zero waste gifts you can give.

For those of us who still get excited by our loved ones picking some small tokens, there are a wide range of vegan stocking filler ideas to bring a smile on Christmas morning.

Astris and Green are an eco-conscious company, and the vast majority of their products are both plastic-free and come delivered in plastic-free packaging. All the suppliers they use ship to them in plastic-free packaging, too, and they reuse this wherever possible to send to customers. We like their shower steamers, available in different scents. You simply place the cubes in the shower away from the direct path of water, and the steam activates them to fill your shower with delicious fragrance and create a true spa feeling.

Candles usually go down well with most people, and Peace With The Wild makes gorgeous vegan soy wax candles, which are both sustainable and biodegradable. They are free from colourants, dye, phthalates, chemicals, or any synthetic materials. Soy candles are cleaner and burn longer than paraffin wax too. This beautiful Cinnamon Swirl Candle is handmade and comes in a recyclable or reusable tin, and even its label is biodegradable and completely plastic-free.

If you want to slip some delicious vegan chocolate into a Christmas stocking, you will love Seed and Bean chocolates. Try this excellent Mandarin and Ginger bar, for example. Made from organic, single-origin, Fair-trade cocoa beans, this bar is vegan and palm oil-free. Seed and Bean pay special attention to their wrapping, using 100% compostable foil, making them the first UK chocolate brand to have fully compostable packaging. The inner foil is made from a specially sourced, flexible cellulose film made from eucalyptus wood pulp. Seed and Bean are at the forefront of the zero plastic, zero waste initiative. They also taste fantastic, so it's a win-win situation. 

Another great eco-friendly stocking filler is our own Organic Cotton Tote Bag. This chic bag is woven from 100% organic cotton that is super soft yet strong enough to hold all your farmers market purchases as it expands to fit whatever is placed inside it—neatly folding up when not in use, making a super space saver. It's also a beautiful blue colour, dyed to those OEKO-TEX standards, making it free from any hazardous chemicals. You can be sure our products have been sourced and created consciously, creating a minimal social and environmental impact on their journey from raw materials to you.

And, if you’re looking for gorgeous, eco-friendly wrapping paper for any of the gifts you have bought, check out our range of beautiful gift wrapping too.

Wild & Stone’s mission is to create stylish, easy to adopt and usable alternatives to common plastic products around the home. We source all our products sustainably, from raw material to final delivery. Shop our wide range today.

Send us your pictures of the eco-friendly gifts you've found to or tag us on Instagram #wildandstone.

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