January 13, 2022 5 min read

If you've decided to take the plunge and try Veganuary this year, we are really excited for you. There's so much tasty food to discover and new things to try this year.

Veganuary is actually not a time of year but a non-profit organisation that encourages and supports people to try veganism for January and beyond. Last year more than half a million people took part worldwide, and over 800 new vegan options and products were launched in key countries - the UK having the most engagement with the campaign.

Veganuary doesn't stop at the end of the month but continues to encourage and support individuals and businesses to move permanently to a plant-based diet as a means to protect the environment, prevent animals from suffering and improve the health of all who make the switch.

There is perhaps an overwhelming amount of choice of what to eat this January, and we'd like to help point you to the vegan brands that will help you.

Supermarket Brands

The easiest way to swap out meat and dairy products for vegan food brands is simply to head to your usual supermarket.

All major supermarkets carry both their own brand and more well known vegan foods, especially meat and milk substitutes.

Look out for these supermarket's own plant-based brands:

  • Marks and Spencers Plant Kitchen - M&S offer a stunning range of ready meals and other convenience foods, like vegan pies, sausages, bacon and burgers.
  • Sainsbury's Plant Pioneers - Covering ready meals, like curries, cottage pie and meatballs, as well as core ingredients and snacks, Sainsbury's own brand vegan range offers 46 products to choose from.
  • Waitrose - With its own green boxed and clearly labelled vegan range, it also offers a smaller range of ready meals.
  • Adsa - Easily recognisable, as their brand is called Plant Based, Asda's vegan range includes fresh, frozen, ready meals and food to go.
  • Tesco - Tesco offers the Wicked Kitchen range. Co-founded by chefs Derek and Chad Sarno, Wicked Kitchen is on a mission to make a real difference to help people to eat more plants, seeing that this is better for people, the planet and all the animals that live on it. You'll find everything from pizza to plant-based meats and ready meals to luscious desserts in this range.
  • Morrisons - Morrisons own vegan range is called Taste. Launching with 25 products in 2021, they have even more to offer this Veganuary.
  • Aldi - Aldi boasts 109 vegan products available. Their own brand Plant Menu has been a big hit with vegans over Christmas and into the new year. With their usual emphasis on budget prices, you can buy ready meals, core ingredients - like vegan burgers, sausages and mince - plus vegan desserts and snacks; it's perfect for those keeping a close eye on their spending.
  • Lidl - Last summer, Lidl launched its own vegan range, Vemondo, with prices starting from 99p. It's packed full of easy vegan products, such as gnocchi. They have ready meals too. Lots to check out at a low cost.
  • Iceland - Iceland has long been a friend to vegans on a budget. Their No Meat range offers plenty to choose from for your freezer, and you'll find they offer other great vegan brands, like Oumph too.
  • Co-Op - Co-op have been offering their own plant-based food range called Gro for a while. You can find snacks and ready meals in this range, as well as other core items like sausages and burgers.

It's way beyond the scope of this blog to explore every vegan item you can find in the large supermarkets. As well as their own brands, most of the bigger shops will include:

  • Frys Family Foods, a fully vegan company that offer a wide range of frozen goodies.
  • Linda McCartney, a frozen vegetarian range with many vegan products - always check the box to make sure it is clearly marked.
  • Meatless Farm, a British company that has developed an amazing plant-based mince, burger patty and sausage loaded with taste and texture. Meatless Farm is meat free, not taste free.
  • VBites, another fully vegan company based in the UK, who offer a range of meat substitutes.
  • THIS, plant-based meat alternative for meat lovers.
  • What the Cluck, from the vegetarian butcher. This is their flagship product and is 100% vegan.
  • Beyond Meat, a plant-based, vegan meat that’s meant to taste like the real thing. This is the burger you can get in many restaurants, plus it’s avaliable as the McPlant from McDonalds.

The list really does go on! Try typing 'vegan' into any supermarket's website, and we're sure you'll be amazed at the number of products available.

Meals Delivered To Your Door

If you have a hectic lifestyle that doesn't allow you to cook or just prefer to use subscription servicesa great vegan substitute is All Plants.

All Plants offer a mouthwatering range of plant-based meals made by chefs and delivered frozen. The company prides itself that everything is designed to protect the planet from food to delivery. They are a B Corp company determined to be kind to the planet and the humans and animals who live there.

You could also try the meal kits from Abel and Cole, an organic veg box delivery company that offers a lot more. They will send you meal kits out each week, but you're not tied into the subscription; you can make changes up to 2 days before your delivery. Abel and Cole are another B Corp certified company, who use all organic produce and sustainable packaging with a low plastic approach.

Online Shopping

Of course, you can buy all your vegan goodies online from any supermarket, or you could choose a weekly delivery from an organic veg box scheme, like Abel and Cole, Riverford or Eversfield.

But we'd hate to finish this blog without mentioning The Vegan Kind - 100% vegan online shopping.

They stock over 5000 vegan and cruelty-free products, ranging from vegan cheese and chocolate to ethical clothes and cruelty-free makeup. Each month they donate money to animal charities and plant a tree every time you order. So from plant-based meats, milks and ready meals to vegan chocolate and alcohol, we recommend checking out The Vegan Kind and seeing what goodies you can discover.


Wild & Stone's mission is to create stylish, easy to adopt and usable alternatives to common plastic products around the home. We source all our products sustainably, from raw material to final delivery. Shop our wide range today.

Share your Veganuary discoveries with us at hello@wildandstone.com or tag us on Instagram #wildandstone.

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